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Add Your Own Domain To KlickTree

Add Up To 5 Custom Domains To Your Account

Adding a custom domain to your KlickTree mobile-first page provides several benefits that enhance your brand presence and credibility.

Brand Recognition: A custom domain is instantly more recognizable and memorable to your audience. It helps reinforce your brand identity in the mind of your users, making it easier for them to remember and return to your site.

Professionalism: A custom domain lends a degree of professionalism and credibility to your business. It shows your audience that you're serious about your brand and gives them more confidence to interact with your website.

SEO Benefits: Search engines tend to rank websites with custom domains higher than those without. This can improve your site's visibility, potentially attracting more visitors and leads.

Trust and Security: Internet users are often wary of unfamiliar websites. A custom domain can help foster a sense of security and trust, which can encourage more interactions and conversions.

Consistent Branding Across Platforms: If you use the same custom domain across your website, email, and other platforms, it helps provide a consistent, unified brand experience for your audience.

With KlickTree, adding a custom domain to your mobile-first page is a simple yet powerful way to maximize these benefits and enhance your online presence.

Use Your Own Custom Footer

Direct Every Page Visitor to Your Branding Website

KlickTree Ultimate truly allows you to take control of your branding, right down to the fine details. Remove the KlickTree footer on your mobile-first pages and they will look uniquely yours, completely free of any external branding elements that could potentially distract or confuse your audience.

Linking the footer back to your branding website will now create a seamless navigation experience for your visitors, without hurting your conversions.

PROTECT Your Pages & Content

Income Generating Members Only Pages

With KlickTree Ultimate you'll have the ability to password-protect your pages and notify viewers of potentially sensitive content!

Controlled Access: Password protection allows you to control who can view your content. This is ideal for premium content, exclusive offers, or sensitive information. It ensures that only authorized individuals - perhaps subscribers, paying customers, or team members - can access your mobile-first page.

Enhanced Privacy: Password protection can also enhance privacy for sensitive topics or information. Whether you're sharing confidential business information, proprietary content, or private insights, this feature helps keep your data secure.

Compliance: In many industries, there are regulations about warning users before showing them certain types of content (such as content that's graphic, explicit, or potentially triggering). The ability to display a content warning helps you comply with these rules and shows your audience that you're committed to responsible content sharing.

Enable KlickTree LEAP LINK

Redirect Mobile-First Pages To Another Destination

KlickTree Leap Link offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to temporarily redirect traffic from your pages to a specific URL, which can be perfect when limited-time offers and special events end. 

By entering an alternative link, you will effectively redirect people that still use an expired page, offer or event to a current page, offer or event.

Ultimate Customization With HTML

For More Leads That Convert Into Sales!

Greater Customization: HTML blocks offer almost unlimited customization options. You can embed videos, insert forms, add scripts, or create unique content that fits your specific needs, giving your pages a personalized touch.

Integrate Third-Party Services: HTML blocks make it possible to integrate third-party services like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, chatbots, or other tracking and customer engagement tools.

KlickTree Mobile-First Navigation

Menu's, Tickers, Scroll Indicator, Progress Bar

Integrating Menus, Tickers, Scroll Indicators, and Progress Bars into your KlickTree pages enhances user navigation, drawing visitor attention to crucial information and motivating them to continue exploring your content. These elements improve interactivity and visual appeal, creating an engaging, user-friendly interface that increase engagement and gets higher conversion rates.

Interactive Notifications & Modal Box

Boost Engagement & Interactivity

Use a Modal box into your KlickTree pages adds an engaging layer of interactivity, capturing visitors' attention and prompting them to take a specific action. 

This feature not only enhances user experience but also helps increase conversion rates by providing relevant information or offers at the right moment.

Local Business Power Ups

Maps & Catalogs

Adding local maps and business catalogs to KlickTree is like having a virtual signpost and an interactive business brochure, right on your site. It helps your customers find you easier and learn more about what you offer, boosting your online visibility and making your business a local favorite.

Document, Video & Audio Files Hosting

Upload Your Content Directly Into KlickTree




Add More Conversion Power To KlickTree

Visual Appeal With Image Grids, Slides & Cards

Showcase Your Best Products & Services With IMPACT

Card Slider

Clickable images serve as a clear call-to-action, guiding users to a specific action such as making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or visiting another page of your site.

Images are a powerful storytelling tool. By making them clickable, you can use them to guide users through your narrative, product features, or sales funnel.

In mobile design, screen real estate is at a premium. Clickable images allow you to communicate more information in less space, making your pages clean and uncluttered.

Clickable images dramatically increase click-through and conversion rates, driving more value from each visitor.

Add Animated Logo & Text

Dynamic Text Logo & Text Morph

Easy Logo Creation

Dynamic & Gredient Text

Grow Excitement With Timelines

Get The Anticipation UP With Special Events 

KlickXCopy Pro


Only During This Launch Event


Optimize Your Setup

To support you in setting up your CUSTOM DOMAIN, we will add DNS and SSL Lookup tools for you. This way you can check your domain setup and easily connect with Klicktree.

While you build your pages and have not yet completed your page copy, you may want to use some placeholder text. The Lorem Ipsum Generator can ad any number of paragraphs to your page design in seconds.

To sell your products and services with PayPal Check-out, We'll add the PayPal Link Generator, so you can create check out links quickly and place them in KlickTree Buttons

Lastly, to make your page personal, we'll add the Signature Generator, so you can quickly add your personality to the KlickTree Mobile-First Page.


From The Desk Of:

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  • Custom Domain: The ability to add your own domain to KlickTree pages and tracker links. Add Up To 5 Custom Domains To Your Account.
  • Remove KlickTree Branding: You can remove the 'Powered by KlickTree' footer and replace it with your own branding.
  • Password Protect Pages: This feature allows you to restrict access to specific content, functioning like a single-page membership platform.
  • Warning Message: The ability to add a warning message before visitors access certain content.
  • LEAP Link: This feature redirects traffic from obsolete or expired links to an alternative link, thereby ensuring you don't lose potential customers.
  • HTML Capabilities: Add third-party features, forms, and embed codes to your KlickTree mobile-first page.
  • Design Elements: Enhancements include image blocks, sliders, animated logos, and dynamic and gradient text options.
  • Timeline Options: Two different timeline options can create anticipation and interest for future content or offerings.
  • User Experience Enhancements: Features like menu options, a progress bar, and scroll indicators improve the browsing experience on your pages.
  • Interactivity Options: The modal box and notification block provide ways to engage with visitors, presenting special offers or important messages.
  • Local Business Features: Maps and catalogs help customers find your physical location and understand what you offer there.
  • File Hosting: Videos, audios, and documents can be hosted on KlickTree's servers, simplifying the user interaction with your content.
  • Advanced Customization: Addition of UTM parameters, custom CSS, and JavaScript enables advanced customization of your pages.
  • Additional Setup Tools: Extra tools to aid with the setup of your pages.
  • 50+ High Converting Blocks
  • Advanced Statistics (with 180-day retention)
  • 24/7 Priority Support
  • BONUS #1: DNS Lookup tools
  • BONUS #2: SSL Lookup tools
  • BONUS #3: Lorem Ipsum Generator
  • BONUS #4: PayPal Link Generator
  • BONUS #5: Signature Generator


Limited Time Offer


There Is NO RISK Whatsoever!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you have any trouble using KlickTree and we fail to help you resolve the issue, or if you have not been able to generate any results, we'll give you 100% of your money back. We don't offer a no questions asked refund, so please provide a genuine reason and proof that you did everything we told you before asking for a refund. Please read the sales page carefully before making a purchase, results vary for various niches and depend on various factors so they cannot be guaranteed to be the same as ours on this page. We do not promise that you are guaranteed to make money from this software.

KlickTree Ultimate
KlickTree Ultimate

Improved User Experience: You can use HTML to improve the user experience on your pages, for example, by adding interactive elements, additional information pop-ups, or personalized user pathways.

SEO Optimization: Adding HTML blocks can assist with SEO, letting you add metadata or structured data markup to improve how your page is understood and represented in search engine results.

Control Over Design: It offers control over the page's design down to the smallest detail, ensuring your page looks and functions exactly how you want.

Image Slider

Image Block

Scroll Timeline

Fixed Timeline

Integrating a timeline into KlickTree enhances your storytelling prowers by visually outlining a sequence of events, milestones, or progress, captivating your audience's attention. 

Additionally, it enhances transparency and trust, as visitors can see the growth, achievements, and path your brand or product has taken, thereby reinforcing their decision to engage with your offers







Use notification messages into your KlickTree pages to boost customer engagement and conversion rates. These notifications act as interactive elements that can deliver important information, create a sense of urgency, or highlight special offers, thereby making your audience feel more connected, informed, and inclined to take action.

Uploading documents, videos, and audio directly into KlickTree simplifies your content management, allowing all your resources to be stored and accessed in one central location, thus eliminating the hassle of juggling between multiple platforms or files.

PLUS, it enhances the user experience without 3rd party ads by providing a seamless, fast-loading multimedia interaction within your KlickTree mobile pages, boosting engagement and encouraging longer stays on your site.




UTM parameters allow you to track where your traffic is coming from, helping you understand which marketing efforts are most effective in driving visitors to your page.

By providing detailed insights into campaign performance, they enable you to make data-driven decisions about where to focus your marketing resources, improving your overall marketing efficiency and return on investment.

Adding custom CSS to a page allows you to personalize its aesthetic appeal and functionality, aligning the design to match your brand's unique style and stand out among the competition.

It also provides you with greater control over the page layout and elements, helping to improve user experience and potentially increase engagement and conversion rates.

Adding custom JavaScript (JS) to a page enables you to create dynamic, interactive elements on your website, improving user engagement and overall experience.

This also allows for greater customization and functionality, as you can tailor scripts to meet specific needs or desired behaviors, resulting in a unique and personalized user interface that can set you apart from the competition.

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